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What If - professional theatre in Lausanne at Pulloff Theatre

Mid Morning Mix // Science & Technology// Entertainment// Art & Culture // May 10, 2017

What If is a brand new entity; a new cultural venture in the form of a new professional theatre company! They'll be performing their inaugural production 'A Number', by Caryl Churchill, at the Pulloff Theatre in Lausanne this month.

The play will raises some pretty challenging questions about identity and nature vs nurture. It forms part of an ethical debate around cloning, when a father clones his son to try to right the wrongs of the past and try a parenting again with a fresh start. Unbenownst to him, several more clones are also out there.

Director and Actor James Spencer talks to Katt Cullen about what drives him to start this venture and the themes within the play itself.


Any schools interested in being part of the A Number school tour (mentioned in this podcast) are welcome to contact James via Pulloff Theatre for more information. 




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