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Walking with Dinosaurs - talking to the people that bring dinosaurs to life

Mid Morning Mix // Family// Education// Entertainment // By Katt Cullen // Sept. 21, 2018

Katt meets WALKING WITH DINOSAURS's Resident Director Ian Waller and Lead Voodoo Operator Amanda Maddock at the Geneva Arena. 


Seen by over 9 million people in more than 250 cities around the world, WALKING WITH DINOSAURS - The Arena Spectacular, is in Geneva this weekend.

The dazzling $20 million production, in association with BBC studios, features new, state of the art technology. Internationally renowned designers have worked with scientists to create 18 life-size creatures, including the Stegosaurus, Raptors, and the terrifying Tyrannosaurus-rex!

Watch them walk, hear them roar, and see their fight for survival.

The Arena Tour is on at Geneva Arena NOW until Sunday 23rd September with morning, afternoon and evening shows available. 

Amanda Maddock, Lead Voodoo Operator, in the Voodoo booth where she controls the dinosaurs mannerisms and upper movements. 

"It's as close to rock n roll as I'm going to get as a puppeteer"  - Amanda Maddock


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