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United Vibrations at Festival de la Cité

Events// Entertainment// Art & Culture // June 28, 2016

United Vibrations will play at Festival de la Cité in July this year, a free festival in Lausanne, which takes place 5 - 10th July.

United Vibrations at Festival de la Cité

As part of the festival's new programme, they'll be playing in Ouchy; a new venue for the festival as it branches into 3 different locations spread across Lausanne.

United Vibrations have a style that's difficult to pin down in words, but we'll try none the less. WRS' Mid Morning Mix presenter, Katt Cullen, catches up with Kareem Dayes, the band's vocalist and bass player, to talk about their style, their history and creating a 'pocket of peace' during the London riots.

For more information about Festival de la Cité and other events in your area see the WRS events page. 

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