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UN Roundup - Yemen prisoner swap and WHO influenza advice

UN Roundup// Mid Morning Mix // Politics // Sept. 28, 2020

28 September 2020. 

1: Over the weekend, Yemen’s warring parties agreed to a prisoner swap – the biggest in the conflict so far – “Many, many thousands of families will be affected positively” said UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths.

2: The World Health Organization also issued updated advice on who should get the influenza jab in the event that there’s a vaccine shortage and hospital overload with COVID-19 ongoing. The plan is to give the elderly and health workers the jab first. The development comes amid “historic lows” of influenza infection in the global south that have been linked to COVID-19 measures.

“Everybody’s maybe seen some in the news about the really record low circulation of influenza in the southern hemisphere, in Australia, New Zealand, South America and South Africa [...] If this follows suit and influenza also is low circulation in the northern hemisphere, we may see, we may see less infections and we also hope to see less infections due to the very high uptake of influenza vaccine. But we are seeing some sporadic outbreaks in some areas of the world and so we really fully believe that as society opens back up, we’ll probably start to see flu circulate again back to more normal proportions.” - Dr Ann Moen, WHO’s Chief of Influenza Preparedness and Response

3: In Geneva, the Human Rights Council enters its final week of deliberations over resolutions to be voted on/adopted at the end of the week. At the UN in New York, world leaders continue to speak at the UN General Assembly’s 75th and countries are pledging to protect the world’s biodiversity ahead of a climate summit on the Wednesday 30th September. 





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