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UN Roundup - Sudan & South Sudan: famine & floods

UN Roundup// Mid Morning Mix // Politics // Oct. 5, 2020

5 October 2020.

Today Daniel Johnson talks to Katt Cullen on the Mid Morning Mix to explain the following events taking place this week at the United Nations.

1: News: Sudan and South Sudan’s “double-whammy” humanitarian disaster caused by torrential rains and galloping inflation. Alerts from UN humanitarians OCHA and World Food Programme. We hear from Matthew Hollingworth, WFP Country Director in South Sudan.

“We’ve been seeing natural disasters, we’ve been seeing conflicts displacing people; that is the situation we’re in right now. We have yet to get data back to confirm how bad it will be, but I think we all need to prepare ourselves that we must do everything in our power to avoid famine and to avoid the levels of hunger – the catastrophic hunger – that we’ve seen sadly in the past in this country.”



Plot summary: In Sweden, a family from Kosovo faces the rejection of their asylum application. The result is the trauma of the two girls, victims of "resignation syndrome", which plunges them into a deep coma. Meanwhile, their younger brother Furkan sets out to build a spaceship as a horizon to all possibilities.

How to participate in 2 easy steps:

Watch the movie here before 7 October at 18:00  (Password: horndal) 

Then join the online discussion on Wednesday 7 October at 17:00 on "The impact of migration on mental health."


3: Starting today at UN Geneva, it’s Sustainable Cities Week to coincide with the World Habitat Day.

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