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Tuning up for Fete de la Musique

Events// Entertainment// Art & Culture // June 19, 2015

One of the big events in any musician's calendar has to be Fête de la Musique. Every year this brilliant festival showcases local talent in the region at hundreds of temporary stages inside and outside.

Tuning up for Fete de la Musique

One such band who's looking forward to performing this weekend is the Irish punk rock band Kenny's Swiss Side who can't wait to perform at the festival this year for their second year in a row.

The festival takes place in June every year. And this year it will spread over 19th - 21st June in Geneva.

In true Geneva style, the group is international and, though they still have to keep their day jobs for now, they just love making music together.

Tom Crean, the band's vocalist, tells me why Fête de la Musique is such a big event in the region.

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