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Trade, Trump, Brexit and more: hear the WTO head in Geneva

What's on at the BSCC - Geneva Chapter // Events // By Mark // Oct. 9, 2019

Trade is a major issue at the moment. The US President, Donald Trump, is using trade as a weapon to get what he wants from different countries across the world – especially China – and then there's Brexit, where Britain hopes to reshape its global relationship.

But what does the World Trade Organisation think about the new trade pressures? A major event towards the end of the month may have some of the answers.

The 12 different Chambers of Commerce in Geneva have grouped together to arrange a talk with the Director General of the WTO, Roberto Azevèdo.

The talk will be at the WTO headquarters in Geneva on Tuesday 29th October.

Richard Golding, Chair of the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce spoke to Mark Butcher about the importance  - and also the uniqueness -  of the talk and being able to hear from the head of the WTO about the major issues buffeting politics right now.

Mark started by asking Richard what does he think people will get out of the talk?

WTO Trade, Trump, Brexit and more: hear the WTO head in Geneva
Tags: wto, bscc, wrs, brexit

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