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TPG - why we shouldn't accept the return of rush hour

Mid Morning Mix// The Breakfast Show // Community// Explore Switzerland// Health// Travel // May 15, 2020

Anne Hornung Soukup, Chair of the public transport service for Geneva (tpg) joins Katt and Mark on the Breakfast Show to answer your questions on mask wearing, button sanitising, price queries and more...

We talk to Anne about the revolutionary steps she'd like to see happen within the transport system including an all-in-one ticket that lets the holder rent a bike, take a tram and a bike all with one purchase.

During lockdown 'rush-hour' disappeared and Anne says she doesn't want to see them back. She wants to see companies and schools spread out their starting and finishing times to avoid packed trams, but also to alleviate traffic on the roads at very precise times of day.

We asked Anne your questions about the potential to hike prices to make up for lost revenue , whether masks might become mandatory and whether plans to extend the network into neighbouring France were all on hold.





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