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Ticino Getaway

// By Tay Kinnear // Aug. 28, 2020
Ticino Turismo Ticino Getaway


Blue like the skies and lakes, green like the hills, yellow like the sun and then everything turns orange when the sun disappears behind the mountaintops. The colours of Ticino tell of unique moments coming together to form a mosaic of experiences.



Ticino, the part of Switzerland where people speak Italian and the climate is mild throughout the year! Few regions are so full of contrasts: peaceful valleys and remote villages immersed in the nature alternate with places where everything breathes the lightness of the culture of the Mediterranean dolce vita.



Ticino is full of exciting possibilities towards the end of the summer and the autumn. Come to Switzerland’s ‘sun lounge’ and spend the night in a tent high up on the Via Alta Vallemaggia, enjoy a trip up the cable car designed by Mario Botta 20 years ago to the peak of Locarno’s local mountain, visit the mule paths and enjoy a chestnut feast on Monte Lema, or discover the region of Mendrisiotto that awaits you with gentle hills dotted with vineyards and ancient towns packed full of hidden treasures.



If you would like to experience more the local culture, you can taste traditional food like polenta in one of ours grotto, get up close and watch skilled artists at work such as painters, guitar makers, glassblowers, textile designers, or discover the ‘hunger forts’ of Bellinzona, i.e. historical buildings offering a fascinating journey into the past to revisit a difficult and turbulent time for Ticino.


Find out more at ticino.ch.

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