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The University of Geneva – MBA Programs

Education // Nov. 21, 2016
Provided by // The University of Geneva

Unique Opportunities for Professional Development - the University of Geneva offers newly compressed block schedule for EMBA

The University of Geneva – MBA Programs

UNIGE, the second largest university in Switzerland, is accredited by the Association of MBAs and serves an international community of students and teachers. It also offers two top- ranking and unique MBA options, an International Organizations MBA (IOMBA) and an Executive MBA (EMBA) - both of which emphasise the university’s key principles and educational approaches: multidisciplinary, quality, international dimension, and partnerships.

By focusing on these concerns, the curriculum keeps pace with ever-evolving market demands in a dynamic city that is at the intersection of business and international public affairs.

The IOMBA is designed for professionals from International Organizations, International Non-Governmental Organizations, and Transnational Corporations. This long-standing program (12 th edition) offers 24 cutting-edge modules covering the political and economic environment of multilateral organizations. The IOMBA is taught by faculty from worldwide leading universities as well as recognized professionals from IOs and NGOs. 

Its flexible structure - including 24 modules and a Master thesis allows participants to complete over one, two, or three years. The program can also be followed as a Diploma of Advanced Studies or as a Certificate of Advances Studies. Candidates are 25 -35, with at least three years professional experience.

NEW: Block format

The EMBA offers a block schedule format in addition to the traditional bi-weekly structure - alternate week-ends. This compressed format allows students more flexibility - with only three travel journeys per year to Geneva. Participants follow three courses each quarter, each course including three full days, plus virtual courses. Block format is an ideal format for the international student who is conscious of travel time, as well as the local Geneva student with a demanding full-time workload. 

UNIGE’s EMBA track is structured to ensure that participants gain leadership training through active participation and a corporate executive philosophy. Candidates are between 35 and 45, with an average of 12 years professional experience. The full cycle includes 24 modules and an MBA Project. Participants can interchange modules from traditional and block formats.

Specializations include

Aviation, International Commodity Trading, Corporate Social Responsibility, International Management, International Organizations, Modern Management for Non-Profit Organizations, and Strategic Marketing.

UNIGE leads in class sizes and flexibility; also in female participants (1:3 ratio).

     For more information visit University of Geneva

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