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Richard Williams' new book about hiding gold in a Geneva burger restaurant

Mid Morning Mix // Community// Entertainment // Aug. 25, 2020

Richard Williams - Geneva based author - has written a second book! It's available as of today. 

This book is all about a motley crew of characters hiding a case of gold bullion in a Geneva burger restaurant: An interesting choice of setting for an author who founded a famous burger restaurant in Geneva!

We ask Richard how much of this book is based on real-life characters... 

Black comedy, crime fiction.


2016. A cache of Venezuelan gold bullion is hijacked en route to safe keeping in the Swiss countryside; the heist orchestrated by the elusive Mr Bonjour, a Swiss international man of mystery and villain, and executed by Eugenio and Ernesto Gomez, two redundant Colombian guerrillas.

Through a series of events, the twins and the gold end up in the newly opened Gourmet Burger Factory restaurant in downtown Geneva, where the story takes a dark turn.

The gold falls into the hands of the staff – a motley crew of strays and disparate characters, who hide the bullion inside the restaurant’s giant grease separator, and dispense of the twins in an unsavoury manner. The team have a choice – keep the gold for Bonjour’s imminent arrival, or take the loot and run...

The protagonist – a young, naïve burger shop attendant named Peter Grout, born into a sheltered life of ex-pat privilege in Geneva (international schools, UN parents) is ill-equipped for the realities of life, and the additional burden of USD5m of stolen gold bullion. But Peter and his teammates become intoxicated by the lure of the gold and attempt a run for glory, knowing Bonjour may already be amongst them.





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