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The Pansy Project - at 'Everybody's Perfect' queer film festival

Art & Culture // Oct. 13, 2016

Everybody's Perfect is a queer film festival kicking off this week in Geneva and running throughout next week. Now in it's 4th year, the festival is building momentum.

The Pansy Project - at 'Everybody's Perfect' queer film festival

It has an enriched programme that covers LGBT themes as well as human rights and gender issues in general. You can search the festival programme by theme (link below).

With over 20 full length films in English and many short film options, Agnès Boulmer, the festival Director, walks us through the festival's history, ethos and the diverse programme of events...

Paul Harfleet plants pansies at sites of homophobic abuse; discrimination and violence, worldwide. In the making of his documentary by French TV channel Canal+, Paul met his victims and spoke about their stories.

He spoke to Katt on the Mid Morning Mix about the project; about why he chose to reclaim the word 'Pansy' and what the personal effects are having created this project and heard so many difficult stories from those who have participated and contributed to his project...

Practical details about Everybody's Perfect queer film festival.

Website:                                www.everybodysperfect.ch

Where:                                  Cinema Grütli /  Cinema Spoutnik Geneva - CH.

When:                                    14th - 22nd October 2016

Entry fees:                             Full price tickets range between 12-14 CHF
                                              Festival tickets are available at 100 CHF which give access to all films.

ProgrammeFilms by theme

The Pansy Project / Pensées de Paul will be shown on the 20th October with a Q&A with Paul afterwards. 

Tags: film, wrs, festival

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