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The McKay Interview: Kate Adie OBE.

The McKay Interview // Politics // Feb. 29, 2016

On this week's McKay Interview,Michael talks to former BBC foreign correspondent, Kate Adie. For non-British listeners out there today who might not know her, Katie Adie
came to prominence in 1980 at the time of the unforgettable, Iranian Embassy
siege in London. An event which at the time riveted us to our TV sets at home.
She was first on the scene as the SAS (the British Army) stormed the embassy.
She has witnessed events that would make us envious and, probably, thankful
that we were not there personally. Here are a few examples: the American
bombing of Tripoli in ‘86; the Lockerbie bombing of the fateful Pan Am flight
103 in ’88; the Tiananmen Square protests of ’89; the Gulf War of ’90-’91; the
war in the former Yugoslavia; the 1994 Rwandan Genocide; and the war
in Sierra Leone in 2000.
She has been shot at, wounded, criticised…..but above all praised and admired.
Now she is supposed to be retired. But she continues to write books and is in great demand as a public speaker. 

The McKay Interview: Kate Adie OBE.

Michael caught up with her as she was preparing to give talk at the Geneva International School.

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