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Who needs context? New on-air segment: The Joy of Text!

The Breakfast Show // WRS// Entertainment // By WRS // Nov. 21, 2017
Provided by // TalkTalk

Introducing our newest on-air segment, The Joy of Text! Brought to you by TalkTalk. Mark and Katt read out your texts and tell all of us what's going on!

Pexels Who needs context? New on-air segment: The Joy of Text!

Sometimes the story is better than the reality. Mark and Katt are here to add some hilarious details to your text conversations. Send in your text messages with NO CONTEXT and Mark and Katt will fill in the blanks! 


They need YOU to participate by sending in your most recent text message, with absolutely zero context, so that they can fill in all the (very plausible) surrounding facts, live, on-air, as they do.  


Send your texts via email to studio@worldradio.ch or send an sms to 939 - start your message off with WRS. You can also tag us on Twitter @wrs or send us a DM on Facebook


Then tune in to the Joy of Text every Friday at 8:40am to see if your text has been selected and to enjoy the fun! 



Tags: TalkTalk, Comedy

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