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Thanks for the memories... and to many more!

WRS// Entertainment // Dec. 21, 2016

WRS listeners reflect on some of their most memorable moments with the station over the years. 

Thanks for the memories... and to many more!

We're 20 and it feels so good! 

A hug thank you to all of our longtime and new listeners. We're honoured to be serving you, and we look forward to many more years! 

Do you have memories of WRS to share? Send them in to info@worldradio.ch or tag us on social media and include #wrs20years. 


For some fun 90's throwback memories, take a look at our article, The ultimate 90's nostalgia list

Have been listening to WRS for 18 years.
The other morning very early you were asking for our postal codés 1261 Le Vaud. The radio is nearly always on in our home!
Do remember listening to Ace of Base, the real slim shady and Christina Aguilera Genie in a bottle and one of the favourites especially during Valentine's day was Tainted love, along with many more.
Happy birthday WRS,  WRG 88.4 fm 😝.
And thank you for all your hard work morning motivation, silly giggles, excellent music and Brilliant shows!!
Big hugs to all of  you
Yours faithfully


WRS Marketing Consultant Trudi Hayes' sweet 90s look!

Chris' 90's look was strong.

Listener Naomi and old WRS presenter Tony Johnston:

In case you wondered what we were building with all these quotes... Follow @worldradioswitzerland on Instagram to keep up with the fun! 

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