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SwissPats: Christmas Is Coming

SwissPats // Events// Explore Switzerland// General // By Tay Kinnear // Nov. 30, 2018



Tradition - St. Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra (Turkey) in the 4th Century and was distinguished by his charity. He is considered to be the patron of sailors and children as well as one of the most popular saints in the Orient and Occident. Furthermore, he is the patron of the city and the canton of Fribourg.


Official openig at the Chruch of St Nicholas (7pm to 9pm)


at the College St-Michaele from 10am:

  • Handycrafts Market

  • The St. Nicholas' way (funny route at the College square)

  • Make-up, tales, donkeyback riding, lanterns workshop

  • Chalet Soup

  • Sheeps / goats

  • Puppets theater

  • St. Nicholas' Garden

  • Music/Concerts

MARKET at the Notre-Dame and Ormeaux Square:

  • Crafts Market (mugs on sale)


The parade start officially at 5 pm.

The route: St. Michael's College - Rue de Romont - Rue de Lausanne - Rue du Pont Muré - stop at the St. Nicholas Cathedral - back to Rue de Lausanne and Rue St-Michel

The speech of St. Nicholas to the "children" of Fribourg is held from the terrasse of the cathedral.

DON | SANTA RUN (BERN) Last year was the first year Friday, Nov. 30

Only those dressed in Santa costumes are allowed to run.

Route is either half (2.7 km), one (4km) or two laps (8km), the choice is up to you. Depending on how you are feeling you can decided on the day. It has no effect on the entry fee.

Adults 38

Kids under 18, 28


Old town - From Bundesplatz to the clock tower (Zytglogge), the Kramgasse (midevel street that is now a popular shopping district and is highlighted by its Baroque façades) down to the BärenPark and back.

Participants can decided if they want to go one lap or two.

Mulled wine at the stalls along the way - five in all. (There is also non-alcoholic punch).

There is no time measurement. Whether the participants want to stroll leisurely or push their own strollers. Same with dogs. They are welcome, but if you are in a stroller or have your dog they recommend you start at the back.

There are not great prizes for the best running time, but in the categories youngest participant, oldest participant, and the one who has the "most beautiful and original socks".

On the route there is the possibility to buy mulled wine or punch at three posts or to redeem the voucher for it. No alcohol on persons under 18 years.

There is no official timekeeping. Regardless of the term, the Organizing Committee awards various awards.

The race starts at 7:30. But it is recommended you show up at 5:30 to get checked in.


Friday 30th until Sunday 2nd December Zurich Messe tickets from Ticketino.ch

Exhibitors, food stalls, hobby horse competitions and program with experts such as

expert discussions with video analysis presented by Christoph Hess, who is in constant demand as a judge, and commentator at horse related events

Field training as part of a versatile and holistic training for horse and rider

Riding with heart and mind - with the Tellington TTouch® method by Annemarie Suter

Hobby Horse competitions: people will position themselves on a hobby horse and ride through the obstacles to claim one of 3 prizes. There are strict guidelines and if you dont follow them, you could be disqualified. Scoring comes from riding the hobby horse over bridges and see saws, galloping, and jumping. Points are deducted if the rider drops the hobby horse, or lets the pole touch the ground. Over the 3 days there are various events starting as early as 9am, with award ceremonies in the afternoon or evening of each day.

Everyone who deals with horses is addressed as a visitor to the horse fair, in particular: • all riders (recreational, sports, western, eventing riders etc.) • driver • Stall operator and stable owner • Breeder • Riding clubs • Horse instructors • horse specialists •



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