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Buying a home in Switzerland - the pitfalls and support available

Mid Morning Mix // Family// Style// Explore Switzerland // May 22, 2020

The process of purchasing a home in Switzerland can be very different to home-buying in other countries. For a start, there's the price, then there's a question of the deposit and various alternatives to a bank to provide a mortgage.

Adrienne and Adriana at Swiss Riviera Homes have made their business supporting people in buying and selling homes in the Swiss Riviera. They don't have properties on their books to sell, but rather their service is to guide buyers and sellers throughout the process. For selling, they offer help in home staging to make a property attractive to future buyers. For those looking to buy, they offer tailored advice to link individuals or families with suitable agents who are likely to meet their criteria and explain the process in full. 

Adrienne talks Katt through some of the pitfalls if you don't know the market, and some top tips on how to choose a future home in Switzerland... 





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