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Suzy wins the Rip n Wud skis! Well done!

Snow// Sport // March 11, 2015

Well done to Suzy!

Suzy wins the Rip n Wud skis! Well done!

Suzy collected her prize of a fantastic pair of 'Rip n Wud' hand made skis.

She won the skis through the competition in the latest edition of The Voice magazine.

She's already been out on them and she said, 'they're amazing and they ride like a dream'. She also said they make an incompetent skier like her look like an expert.

You can read the latest edition on-line here

Congratulations to Suzy once again  and have fun in the snow.

There's still one more prize to be won - a stunning watch from Louis Chevrolet, that draw will be on Monday 16th March.

Find out how to win that here

Tags: snow, sport, winter

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