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Summer Butterfly House opens at Schilliger

Gardening & Green Spaces // June 29, 2017
Provided by // Schilliger Garden Centre

Located in Gland. Open from 10th July to 2nd September. 

Schilliger Summer Butterfly House opens at Schilliger

Visit the amazing tropical butterfly house this summer at Schilliger Garden Centre at Gland. From 10 July to 2 September there is a butterfly house (an enclosed area) of 200 sq metres which you can visit free of charge.

Filled with flowers, bushes and trees from Schilliger’s huge range of produce, the butterfly house has been specially designed with appropriate plants that can host live tropical butterflies in a hot and humid environment.

There is also an incubation area where you can observe cocoons and the hatching of the chrysalides into butterflies.

Enjoy yourself discovering dozens of different species: indian monarchs, blue tigers, the owl butterfly, paper kite, Guindineau blue morpho – just some of the spectacular species that will surround you and that you can observe in close proximity.

Where do the butterflies come from?

In creating the butterfly house the Schilliger team work with a well reputed British company called Oxfly. Oxfly produce the butterflies in specially controlled farms in Thailand, Costa Rica and the Philippines, while respecting the natural environment.

It is important to note that Oxfly has always refused commercialisation of threatened species of butterflies. All of the cocoons imported into Europe come from a butterfly farm and no butterflies are taken from the wild.


Location and opening hours 

Garden Centre Schilliger
route de Suisse 40
1196 Gland

Open Monday to Friday 9AM to 6.30 PM
Saturday 9AM to 6PM


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