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Style File Glam but green fashion and hair and cellulite removal (19 May 2016)

Style File // Style // May 19, 2016

On this week's show Hansine will be focussing on putting the glam into Green fashion and ways to get your body sorted and in shape for the summertime. Hansine's guests are Xenya founder of the luxury sustainable fashion blog Green Stilletoes.com talking eco chic and about a screening of the film The True Cost in Geneva next week with a panel discussion lead by Livia Firth. She will be giving away a VIP ticket to the event and panel. Also, cellulite and hair removal are two of the biggest issues in preparing your body for summer exposure. Cyrille Polla will be in the studio to talk about the latest techniques for both and have a session worth over 100CHF on the CellulM6 machine to target cellulite...

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