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Stephen K Amos on dropping the F bomb

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment// Art & Culture // Oct. 12, 2016

He's energised and ready for his return to Switzerland as part of the European tour of his new show 'The Laughter Master', which he plans to conduct you through like an audience-orchestra.

Stephen K Amos on dropping the F bomb

Stephen K Amos has a chat with Katt on the Mid Morning Mix about travelling through Switzerland by train, whether he prefers a laugh or a clap and why it's the greatest feeling to be treading the boards and dropping the 'F bomb' whenever you like...

Live on air Monday 10th October 2016 at 10:40am (the competition is now closed)

Stephen K Amos is at the following venues in Switzerland this week:

Thursday 13th October - Uptown, Geneva - Geneva

Friday 14th October - Mascotte - Zurich

Saturday 15th October - Alte Markthalle - Basel

All tickets can be purchased at www.internationalcomedy.club

Here's more from Stephen K Amos.

Warning: This video contains the infamous 'F Bomb'. Viewer discretion is advised.

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