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The Song of Scorpions Writer & Director Anup Singh

Film Nut// Mid Morning Mix // General // March 13, 2018

The Song of Scorpions is an Indian Hindi-language film written and directed by Anup Singh.

It tells the story of Nooran, who is learning how to become a healer, snubbed by people her village and marries a camel trader who is madly in love with her. After her marriage, she is set on a path of vengeance to redeem the misdoings previously inflicted upon her.

The film premiered at the Locarno Film Festival last year and is released in Switzerland officially on Wednesday 14th March 2018. 

Geneva-based Writer and Director Anup Singh told us about the story that came to him in a dream and why he felt compelled to write this story and film it in the Indian desert, as opposed to the far more convenient snow-capped mountains on his doorstep.


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