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Sierra Leone plea - think of the orphans this Christmas

Health // Dec. 16, 2014

Sierra Leone is a country that's paralysed by Ebola.

Sierra Leone plea - think of the orphans this Christmas

Economic activity is slow, schools are closed and children have been orphaned by the disease - and there are very few adults who can help.

Grace Gaye owns a business in Freetown and she says the government is overwhelmed and unable to help.

Grace is currently running her business from London - she has worked for the WTO in Geneva in the past and is urging us - who will certainly have a Christmas full of gifts, food and fun - to spend a moment to think of the kids who have nothing.

Grace spoke to Mark Butcher on WRS this morning to explain her idea on how to make life for the orphans better.

Instead of sending money - she suggests creating a small parcel of things that the kids will enjoy and find useful.

Your package could include:

Toys (not electric)

Toiletries, such as soap, toothpaste etc. - but especially hand sanitizer.


School material. When the schools start again in Sierra Leone, it will be very useful if the kids have pens, pencils, exercise books and some text books - such as easy reading etc.

What to do now?

Over the holiday period, collect things you think the kids in Sierra Leone will need and enjoy. These children are alone at the moment - many have no adults looking after them and anything that shows someone is thinking of them will be welcome.

Put your items in a box and in early January Grace will be back in the WRS studios to tell you how you can get them to the orphans. There will be pick up points in Geneva or a local postage address to get them on their way.

You can hear Grace talking to Mark about the project below.

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