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Schilliger Butterfly House in Gland

Mid Morning Mix // Gardening & Green Spaces // July 18, 2018

Camil Schilliger, of Schilliger Garden Centre, explains the concept behind the Butterfly House at their Gland store and how they've created the optimum environment for the butterflies in an ethical and respectful way....


The Butterfly House can be found at the Schilliger Garden Centre at Gland. It's free of charge and open until 1st September.  

The butterflies at the Schilliger Garden Centre come from the Oxfly breeding specialists. Butterflies have been responsibly bred in Thailand, Costa Rica and the Philippines. Oxfly are also actively committed to the environment and local populations in these areas. 



Want to create a beautiful garden that attracts more butterflies  at home?

Here are Schilliger's top tips for your garden. All plants are available here


1. Promote biodiversity. Butterflies are attracted to a peaceful place where they will find shelter for reproduction. Plant a variety of plants.
2. Favour honey plants that attract foraging insects. Examples of this are sage, thyme, lavender, nepeta, lantana, verbena bonariensis, and foxgloves. Think also aromatic plants that are very rich in nectar.
3. Plant native shrubbery that will provide food and shelter for butterflies and pupae. Consider willow, blackthorn and viburnum hedges. These plants transform the garden into a butterfly paradise.
4. At the beginning of the season, sow a blooming meadow mix in a corner of your garden. Butterflies will enjoy romping in this colorful playground. They will find nectariferous plants and enough space for egg-laying.
5. Practice gardening naturally. Promote soil fertility by adding compost and using mulch. Prioritise the gentle methods of preventive and curative organic treatments.
6. Build a water source. Water is an essential part of the garden. No need for a large pond; a simple pewter basin will delight many small animals that will be able to come and drink.
7. Leave some fruit in the orchard. This will feed your butterflies. 
8. When cleaning your garden in the fall, leave some stumps or clumps of branches and dry grass around. This acts as a much appreciated shelter throughout winter.  






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