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Sarah Massey on gender equality in sport

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Sport // June 7, 2019


Sarah Massey talks to Katt Cullen on the Mid Morning Mix about how gender equality in sport is gaining momentum and how big organisations such as the International Olympic Committee and other international federations based in Switzerland are focusing on this. 



The upcoming event SportsTogether at the Manor Centre Chavannes will have a particular focus on women in sport on Friday 14 June.

A sports showcase will take place on Friday 14 June from 17:00 - 18:30. The event is completely free and a great opportunity to meet female sports teams from all over Vaud. 



SportsTogether takes place on Wed 12 June, Fri 14 une & Sat 15 June and the overall event is for men & women, boys & girls. Sports include trampoline, ping pong, juggling, tennis, basketball, hockey, tai chi, boxing, rugby and dance. Find out more from Tore Meinecke, co-founder of Joto Tennis and Sarah Massey as they talk about the event on the Mid Morning Mix. 




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