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Rum and Reggae for Hurricane Relief

The Breakfast Show // Entertainment// Politics // By Mark // Nov. 20, 2017

The recent hurricanes that tore through the Caribbean left a trail of destruction. Many people are still homeless and schools have to be rebuilt. Running water and electricity is still causing problems.

In Basel, there’s a fund raising event with rum and reggae. You can go to sample many different types of rum, rum based cocktails and all with the backing of reggae music. You may also pick up a bargain at the silent auction which includes hotel stays and meals in top restaurants. It’s on going on in Basel, Saturday 2nd December.

Mark Butcher spoke to one of the organizers, Simone Aida Baur about the rum packed event.

Book here:Rum and Reggae for Hurricane Relief

Rum and Reggae is organised by:

Simone Aïda Baur of Global Inspirations Design, interior designer and blogger
Simon Hardy of Fitting Wines, wine and spirit expert
Christian Hollitscher of HR Boutique, human resources solutions


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