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Rock musical 'Hair' still causing a stir

Events// Entertainment// Art & Culture // Aug. 16, 2016

Initially performed in the 1960s, 'Hair' is an American rock musical that caused uproar at the time due to themes of a hippie counterculture, drugs, sexual revolution, an openly anti-Vietnam war agenda and had a racially diverse cast. It was shocking for the time.

Rock musical 'Hair' still causing a stir

Half a century on, the production of this musical now presents fresh challenges. Lily Vorhies, Artistic Director for the upcoming GAOS production, explains to WRS that guarding the integrity of the production was one of the most important factors for her and Production Director Katherine Sturt-Scobie.

Stars of the show Sara Wilkins and Ollie Cray, who play Sheila and Woof, take us through the challenges of performing their specific roles and what they are hoping to achieve as well as explaining just how the rehearsals have gone so far.

Performances take place in the Casino Theatre in Carouge Friday 26th - Sunday 28th August with both a matinee and evening show on the Saturday 27th.

Tickets are available through www.theatreinenglish.ch or through the GAOS website

Here's some snapshots from the rehearsals so far.

"Because the music is really complex we have to do quite a lot on the piano - so note-bashing - just going through all the individual harmonies. Then there's the dancing. And then obviously when you throw that together things go slightly pear-shaped so you have to sort of recadrate that."- Ollie Cray, who plays Woof in the upcoming GAOS production. 

"[I'm] definitely nervous but very excited to just get out there and do it because [throughout] the whole show in general, the songs are so beautiful. It's just so exciting to be nearly there!" - Sara Wilkins who plays Sheila.

'It's been great working with a smaller cast of really tight-knit people"- Katherine Sturt-Scobie


Photos: © David Manson

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