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The cooperative loaning out camping and ski equipment, instruments, kitchen utensils and more

Mid Morning Mix // Community // March 5, 2020

Manivelle is a cooperative with a library of items that can be borrowed from their premesis in Geneva. Items include gardening tools, creative supplies, musical instruments, ski or camping gear, cookery utensils (yes, they have a number of raclette machines available!) and kids' equipment.

It's a very practical library of things, that just happens to be money and space saving too. 

Manivelle founder, Robert Stitelmann, explains... 


How does it work? 

The initial fee to become part of the cooperative is CHF 50.- (which can be reimbursed if you leave the area or no longer want to be part of it). There's a yearly fee to borrow items of CHF 100.- (or CHF 50.- for those on a lower income) and members can also opt for a montly subscription, if preferred. All tarifs are available on the Manivelle website


Can I browse available items? 

Yes. There's an online catalogue. You're also welcome to visit them in Geneva, between 15:00 - 19:00 Tuesday - Friday. 12:00 - 19:00 on Saturdays. 


Can I donate items? 

Yes, absolutely! They're looking to expand more this year! If you have an item to donate that you think could be useful, contact info@manivelle.ch or reach out via their facebook or instagram pages. 



#BorrowDontBuy #RicherWhenWeShare #bibliothèquedobjets

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