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Proof - latest production from Geneva English Drama Society

Entertainment // Sept. 21, 2015

Théâtre de l'Espérance
29 September–3 October, 2015
Tues–Fri, 20h00, Sat 19h00

Proof - latest production from Geneva English Drama Society

Catherine, a brilliant but troubled young woman, is trying to cope with her father’s death. For the last five years she has devoted herself to this mentally ill man who was once a ground-breaking mathematician.

Now, on the eve of her 25th birthday and her father’s funeral, she must deal with her own volatile emotions, the arrival of her estranged sister, and the attentions of one of her father’s former students who hopes to find something valuable in the great man’s notebooks.

Over the days that follow, a burgeoning romance and the discovery of a mysterious proof draw Catherine into the most difficult problem of all: how much of her father’s genius or madness has she inherited?

Director Frances Favre has cast Gary Bird, Diala Bostan, Jaimie Guerra and Colin Paterson in the four roles.

Diala and Jaimie came into the WRS studios to have a chat with Mark Butcher about the show - and how the Geneva English Drama Society have given the well known play a bit of an uplift.

For more information and ticket sales: http://geds.ch/shows/proof

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