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Haiti 10 years later - with Priska Spörri, Swiss Solidarity

Mid Morning Mix // Community// Politics // Jan. 14, 2020

Priska Spörri from Swiss Solidarity (Chaîne du Bonheur) reports in on Haiti - 10 years after the devastating earthquake.

We look back at the difficulties that faced aid workers in the immediate aftermath of the level 7 quake and many aftershocks that followed.

The earthquake took place on 12 January 2010 and measured 7 Mw on the Moment magnitude scale (similar to Richter scale, but more effective when measuring large earthquakes). It was followed by over 50 aftershocks that measured over 4.5 Mw. 

The death toll was in the hundreds of thousands, millions were displaced and residential accommodation and businesses were destroyed.

10 years on, Haiti still has a way to go. 


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