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Post Plastic Lux - let's give up plastic

Science & Technology// Health // Feb. 25, 2015

Plastic pollution in the oceans is a growing environmental concern. It’s a danger to marine life – and then a danger to us, as those pollutants enter the food chain.

Post Plastic Lux - let's give up plastic

A new exhibition which will run in March is designed to make us think about plastic and its environmental impact.

A collection of art works and displays will show how plastic pollution can cause havoc in the sea – and lead to slow, painful deaths for many sea animals.

But it can be dangerous to humans – as Anouk van Asperen, who’s one of the curators and artists in the show, explained to Mark Butcher.

Post Plastic Lux is on at Athénée4 from the 5-15 March. 

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