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Planting Spring Bulbs with Dig It!'s Hester Macdonald

Dig It! // Gardening & Green Spaces // By Hester Macdonald // Sept. 19, 2017

Don't forget to plant them now, in autumn!

pixabay Planting Spring Bulbs with Dig It!'s Hester Macdonald

The most important thing to know about planting spring bulbs is to plant them in the autumn. The most popular spring bulbs are daffodils, tulips and crocuses. 

There are 3 very important things to remember while planting your spring bulbs.

1. The right way up

2. The right depth

3. The right distance apart

Starting with the right way up; for all bulbs, the furry bit goes on the bottom and the pointy end faces upwards. 

Next, what depth? Most bulbs should be planted a depth of about twice the height of the bulb.

And finally, distance. About a bulb-width apart is perfect. This gives them space to spread out their roots. 

Firstly, shake in some compost and then place the bulbs. Next, pour soil over the bulbs and water it. The pot can stay outside all winter however, you will need to water it weekly if it doesn't get rain or snow on it. You can also add some nice annuals over them for some color throughout the winter. 

Let us know your favorite spring flowers that you love to see in your garden!

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