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Plane Talk - Wildlife Trafficking

Plane Talk // Travel // July 8, 2016

Wildlife trafficking is the subject of this week's Plane Talk episode.

Plane Talk - Wildlife Trafficking

We find out from Chaitan Jain, Assistant Director of External Affairs at I.A.T.A. (International Air Transport Association), exactly what kind of things are being found in suitcases making their way across the globe and what's being done to stop this trade, estimated at $ 19 Billion per year and endangering many species including rhino, tortoises and even sea horses!

At IATA's Annual General Meeting in Dublin, IATA members unanimously endorsed a resolution denouncing the illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife products and pledging to partner with government authorities and conservation organizations in the fight against the traffickers of protected species.

In a recorded message to the AGM delegates, His Royal Highness Prince William the Duke of Cambridge urged the industry to unite in support of this cause.

You can find out more information on this flyer (click to enlarge) or visit www.iata.org/wildlife

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