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Plane Talk - Where air travel demand is at its highest

Plane Talk // Science & Technology// Travel // May 19, 2017

Chaitan Jain, from IATA, is a lover of statistics. This week he tells us just how many journeys were taken by air last year worldwide.

It's a whopping 3.8 billion journeys!

In the developed markets, the average person takes more than 1 journey per year. Chaitan takes a look at the emerging markets, where the average is much less than one flight per person, per year. However, there are certain markets, such as India and Indonesia, that are seeing exponential growth.

The US saw 815 million departures alone in 2016.

The US, China, and Japan have the highest demand.

But the 4th country might surprise you having grown 20% in the last year alone and showing no sign of slowing. 



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