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Plane Talk - Still nervous about flying?

Plane Talk // Travel // Oct. 24, 2016

Still nervous? Even after Part 1 of our mini series on nervous flying?

Plane Talk - Still nervous about flying?

Here Chaitan aims to alleviate your fears of taking off by talking us through some of the things that make us nervous to see if knowing a little more about them can help.

Chaitan finds that sometimes when people are nervous of flying, it can help to know a little more about the things that make them nervous. Today he looks at weather conditions and the cockpit technology in further detail especially for nervous flyers to help to alleviate some of the tension.

Warning: if you're the kind of flyer who'd prefer to just close their eyes and forget entirely where you are when you fly, then perhaps this won't help. You might prefer our podcast about preventing jet lag instead!

Here's Chaitan from IATA...

You can also look to our article about Nervous flying where there is a handy link to some courses that can help you get over your fears of flying. 

Looking for more?

There's a whole page of Plane Talk episodes all here where you can find out some weird and wonderful things about aviation from our self-confessed aviation geek Chaitan Jain from IATA. 

If you have questions for Chaitan for a future episode of Plane Talk, then email studio@worldradio.ch with Plane Talk in the subject line.

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