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Plane Talk - Nervous flyers

Plane Talk // Travel // Oct. 18, 2016

Nervous of flying?

Plane Talk - Nervous flyers

You're certainly not alone.

We received a message in from a listener who was hoping to get help for some of her colleagues who weren't very comfortable with flying.

Good morning,
Do any of the airlines at Geneva airport or the airport itself run workshops or training sessions for nervous passengers? Some of the people I work with hate flying, and yet they have to do regular travel as part of their work. Any suggestions? 

In this episode Chaitan talks about some of the places you can look towards and also what causes turbulence in the first part of our 3 part serious on nervous flyers.

We also found some help with this course from Swiss and nationwide courses are available on this the website www.volersanspeur.info

If you know of any other similar seminars and would like to contribute to this list, or you'd like to ask Chaitan Jain a question about any aspect of aviation for a future episode of Plane Talk, then email studio@worldradio.ch with 'Plane Talk' as your subject.

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