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Plane Talk - extremely nervous flyers & passengers with autism

Plane Talk // Travel // Oct. 28, 2016

Sometimes you can't control those nerves. It's just not possible. But there ARE special programmes out there to help people through their fear of flying.

Plane Talk - extremely nervous flyers & passengers with autism

Visit Part 1 and Part 2 in our mini series on nervous flying for more information on those programmes. 

But due to an increasing demand, we're even starting to see programmes for people with autism, particularly children, cropping up in airports where passengers-to-be can do a dry-run of what it's like to go through security and get on a plane, which can alleviate some of the nerves when the big day of real travelling comes around.

Chaitan Jain tells us more...

More episodes of Plane Talk can be found here along with more information about Chaitan himself. 

If you have a question to ask Chaitan, then email us at studio@worldradio.ch with 'Plane Talk' in the subject line.

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