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Paleo Paleo Paleo

Events// Entertainment// Art & Culture // July 23, 2015

Keep your thoughts and pictures coming in! studio@worldradio.ch

Paleo Paleo Paleo

*UPDATE* Friday 24/07/15

Today Dany Hassenstein, programmer for Paleo, joined Katt on the Mid Morning Mix show to share the secrets of organising the line-up for a sell-out festival. You can listen to the podcast below.

'First we book bands to headline the festival and once we have the headliners, then we start to book smaller bands we saw around the year, and that's mostly the bands we love the most - because they're not known, they're the ones we like to present and it's the fun part about Paleo as well; when you come for a headliner - we, the programmers, we try to  book acts around the headline acts which are similar to the headline acts, so people can discover music they already like.' - Dany Hassenstein (Paleo programmer)

(Listen to Dany and Katt's full chat below.)

*UPDATE* Thursday 23/07/15

'Thanks again for the tix! Had a great time, even in the pouring rain and slippery slopes!' -Hendrick (WRS ticket winner)

'The atmosphere is still amazing. It's wet, but it's still amazing'- Matt

'I'm from the UK so festivals generally involve a bit of mud. This isn't quite Glastonbury level mud just yet, but I guess it makes me feel at home.'- Sophie

*UPDATE* Wednesday 22/07/15

'The Script were excellent!! Very hot but still a good vibe and lots of smiling faces.'- Elizabeth

'Script were amazing. Went with my Harry and Freddie (age 8 and 10) and they went crazy - right at the front, danced to everything. Thought they might give me brownie points for knowing the songs, but they knew every word in every song.'- Suzy

Tuesday 21/07/15

Paleo kicked off with a bang and the ultimate entertainer, Robbie Williams, yesterday.

Listeners comments photos have been pouring in. So what's the verdict? See below

'Robbie was AMAZING!!! We had a great time.'- Claudia

'Robbie was awesome! Great concert. As well, I went to see Caravan Palace; they were really good! Never heard of them before. Excellent!'- Nelly

'Robbie is the ultimate show man. Some of the covers were inspired. Would love to see him fronting queen in a full show as a tribute to Freddie mercury. Only thing that will top Robbie is the script tonight as Harry and Freddie are going to their first proper gig'- Suzy

'Well I am still totally buzzing from last night. Bought my ticket yesterday morning. Drove to Paleo with a friend - hardly any queuing ! Parked at 6:30pm. A 5 min walk and we were there. Amazing atmosphere. Fantastic weather. Everyone was so chilled. Caravan Palace was brilliant - will definitely see them again. Then Robbie !! We got to the very very front!!!  He winked at me as I was wearing a halo !!! Swooon !!! My phone doesnt take the best pics but these show just how close I was !!!! Best night ever.'- Clair

Keep your comments and photos coming in this week and tune in to WRS to hear what everyone's saying about bands they're discovering at Paleo.

Email: studio@worldradio.ch

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