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Opavivará! - at far° festival

Mid Morning Mix // Community// Food & Drink// Art & Culture // Aug. 16, 2018

"Opavivará! are made up of Opavivará!"

Opavivará! are a Brazilian artistic collective that brings people together. We discuss the response they want from their art, which involves the public as collaborators...

Image: Instagram @opavivara


Opavivará! will appear at far° festival, which showcases performance art throughout Nyon between the 17th and 25th August 2018. 

Catch Opavivará! on the 17th, 18th, 19th & 21st of August. 

Through the creation of relational installations, the collective offers surprising collective experiences, such as taking a shower in the middle of the street, taking a nap, creating recreational areas on roundabouts and opening temporary “swap shops”. 

The collective’s strategy is based on an inversion of the rules that govern the public domain, on the delightful feeling of disrupting the private/public relationship and on joyful resistance to individualism. With Transnomades; the collective appropriates mobile devices from our daily lives and transforms them to give them new uses, both strange and familiar. The devices are available to the audience who are encouraged to activate them. Meet them in the courtyard at Marchandises, the market, at the beach or at the lakeside.



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