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New indoor furniture collection for autumn at Schilliger in Gland

Gardening & Green Spaces // Sept. 14, 2017
Provided by // Schilliger

As the days shorten and we think once again of being cosy inside our homes, Schilliger home and garden centre in Gland is putting on a bit of show with its latest collection of indoor furniture. 

Schilliger New indoor furniture collection for autumn at Schilliger in Gland

There are a number of contemporary furniture ranges in wood, leather, and painted metal; handmade ceramics from Portugal and hand blown glass; driftwood sculptures to grab your attention, and fabulous black and white animal photographs for the walls.

They also offer bespoke furniture with sofas, easy chairs, dining chairs, and tables in various materials, colours, and dimensions. You have many combinations to choose at affordable prices, which can be made to order and delivered in six to eight weeks.

If you are looking to give your room a unique feel, then why not try an antique Indian piece from Rajasthan, hand selected and restored to the highest standard. They have a wonderful assortment of small pots, double doors and shutters, sumptuous mirrors, benches, and low tables - all finely hand carved in teak.

To top off your interior you can also choose from some of the large decorative plants that are on trend this year, like easy to care for tillandsias.

Don’t forget autumn is also the time to think of planting those bulbs to give you the first flowers in Spring and they have a huge choice at Schilliger.

Visit a Schilliger location

Rte Suisse 40, CH - 1196 Gland (VD)
T +41 (0) 22 354 44 44
M-F 9am – 6.30pm
Sat 9am – 6pm

Rte du Bois, CH – 1753 Matran (FR)
T +41 (0) 26 407 33 00
M-F 9am – 7pm
Sat 8am – 4pm

Rte de Base, CH-1228 Plan-les-Ouates (GE)
T +41 (0) 22 794 77 47
M-F 9am – 6.30pm
Sat 9am – 6pm


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