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Convent life in Müstair - with Elke Larcher

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment // Aug. 21, 2019

There are currently eleven nuns at the convent of Müstair. 

Elke Larcher is the Director of the museum in Müstair and has lived with the nuns for a short time to better understand their lives. 

We find out more about convent life, the UNESCO status of the site and talk about the 21st century buzzword "mindfulness" that nuns have been practicing for centuries... 

  • Image: Benedictine Convent of St John in Müstair. © Claudio Daguati​


Founded as a monastery by Charlemagne in the eighth century and later converted into a convent, this complex exhibits many architectural styles as well as artistic treasures from more than 12 centuries, delighting not only archaeologists and art historians. To this day, the convent is home to a community of nuns who live according to the Benedictine ideal of prayer and work.

Experience 1, 200 years of history at the monastery museum and discover the life of Benedictine nuns with 5% discount online with World Heritage Ticket.

The Benedictine Convent of St John in Müstair is one of 12 World Heritage sites in Switzerland. Find out more at www.worldheritageswitzerland.ch




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