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Mushrooms - can I eat this one?

Dig It!// Mid Morning Mix // Gardening & Green Spaces// Community// Family// Explore Switzerland// Food & Drink// Education// Health// Travel // Nov. 6, 2020

With so many mushrooms out there, it's tempting to make a stroganoff! Or perhaps a nice wild mushroom soup? 

pixabay - fungi Mushrooms - can I eat this one?

However, most of the mushrooms we come across on our woodland walks are not fit for consumption. In fact, in Switzerland 600-900 people are poisoned each year. Fortunately not all of those are serious, but they're uncomfortable none-the-less. 

VAPKO (Vociation amtlicher Pilzkontroll organe / The Swiss Association of Official Mushroom Control Bodies) are the official exam board for mustroom controllers in Switzerland. 

VAPKO's Marionna Schlatter, who passed the test to become a mushroom controller herself at the age of 14, joins us to explain how we can find local mushroom controllers and avoid such poisonings...


WRS's resident Garden Designer and presenter of Dig It! Hester Macdonald, explains how you can grow your own mushrooms at home and some simple kits to help set this up (links below).


Hester recommends buying your mushroom kits from your local garden centre or the following websites : 

bakker.ch - for pleurotes & button mushrooms. CHF 27.99 and expect 3-5 harvests from each kit.

biopilz.ch (also sold in Coop) CHF 15 kits for pleurotes, oyster and shitaake mushrooms. 

champignons-suisse.ch for school kits including 3 boxes of mushrooms and a Swiss mushroom poster 39 CHF




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