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Meet Fred - a frustrated bunraku puppet

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Art & Culture // Nov. 6, 2018

Hijinx Artistic Director & Director of Meet Fred, Ben Petitt-Wade, explains the show and introduces us to Fred himself.


Fred is the protagonist of this puppet theatre show. He seems to be a pretty normal guy, even though he's a bunraku puppet manipulated by 3 puppeteers who join him on-stage.

Fred is trying to live an ordinary life. When he learns that his puppet allowances are to be taken away, he attempts to rectify this through the chômage office who require him to find utterly unsuitable employment. Thus, Fred's frustrations begin.

Meet Fred is gritty, optimistic, hilarious and overwhelming; raw and poetic. It is about the unsuspected strength of those for whom fate has not been kind.

British company Hijinx Theatre, in collaboration with Blind Summit, are bringing a distinctly dark and very British sense of humour to the Théâtre des Marionettes in Geneva for the 15th - 20th November. The show is in English, subtitled in French. Age: 14+




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