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McKay Interview: Lebanese film maker and cultural producer, Nabil Canaan (24 August 2020)

The McKay Interview // WRS// Politics// General // By Mark // Aug. 24, 2020

On the return of the McKay Interview after the summer break - no matter where you were on the 4th August, you must surely have been aware of the huge explosion in Beirut. According to Lebanon’s team at the United Nations, the explosion was like 15 years of war in 15 seconds, comparing its impact to the devastation from the country's civil war that lasted from 1975 to 1990.

We all know that Lebanon has been living through some of its toughest times in recent history following the October 17th Uprisings, the severe economic crisis that the country is going through, Covid-19 and, as if all that were not enough, the epic explosion.

It cost the lives of nearly 200 people, 7000 wounded and over 300,000 left homeless. Bear in mind listeners that Geneva’s population is 500,000! Just to give you a sense of comparison.

Michael McKay's guest today is Nabil Canaan, a Lebanese-Swiss, who describes himself as a cultural producer, multi-media filmmaker, development consultant and brand marketing professional.

Tags: Beirut, lebanon, mckay

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