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Politics // By WRS // Jan. 15, 2015

Dictator or visionary? Coup d’état or a coup de foudre?


Kadebostan is a Geneva-based producer, performer and DJ – he’s also “president” of the little-known republic of Kadebostany. What started as an in-joke has turned into something of a religion for fans of the award-winning synth-pop band – and support for its new creative empire is growing fast. Following a storming set at Paleo this year and a unique triple nomination for the Swiss Music Awards, Kadebostany’s genre-bending original sound is described as “too catchy not to like.” According to critics the band fuses electro pop with a militaristic Eastern Europe folk vibe. Still with me?

A striking visual identity (think camped-up flag-waving), is also part of the appeal, plus the soulful Adele-like voice of lead vocalist Amina. Her haunting contribution to the band’s second album Pop Collection - which is packed with horns, beat and rapping - helped draw over a million YouTube views when it launched. Listen to hit track Walking with a Ghost and you’ll be up to speed on KB in minutes.

So what does the future hold? Kadebostany says exporting their country’s incredible musical wealth and national values to over 100 venues worldwide since 2011 has certainly helped build the brand – and by “devouring unlikely influences” they’ve kept the sound fresh and credible. National broadcaster Radio Kadebostany plays them all the time.

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