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Belle Ferme - the horses that need a hand (or a hoof)

Mid Morning Mix // Gardening & Green Spaces// Community// Health// Sport // April 22, 2020

Lyn Stickland - from Belle Ferme Equestrian Sports Centre in the Pays de Gex, neighbouring France - explains how the horses and ponies are being cared for whilst their usual 400 weekly hours of lessons are on hold due to the coronavirus.

Lyn explains why it's so essential that horses have their regular exercise none-the-less, and how the association for retired ponies on the farm, as well as the upcoming summer camps, is providing a life-line. Luckily Lyn thought ahead and is well-stocked for hay.  

As horses in France are considered a sport, rather than a pet, the owners of the approximately 30 horses that are privately owned aren't able to visit their animals. Lyn ensures that they're all well cared for, as she explains here to Katt and Mark on the Breakfast Show... 


If the summer camps are able to go ahead, Lyn assures WRS that all measures will be taken to respect social distancing recommendations at that time. If they're not able to take place then those who have signed up will be refunded. 








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