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Learn More: failing exams

Learn More // Education // July 28, 2016

Educational expert, Sabine Hutcheson, of Learn More, takes parents and older children through some of the most common questions about education and schooling. Here she answers a question from a 17 year old.

Learn More: failing exams

For the full version of this Learn More segment, listen to the above audio.

I think I’m going to fail my GCSEs and I’ll be told the IB is too hard for me. What are my options?

Here are some tips:

  • If we assume that the IB is the only way to go, stay positive – it’s not over till it’s over.
  • Realistically though, if you fail because you haven’t worked enough, then there is still time to correct your attitude and you might just make it through the IB.
  • It may also be that you fail in subjects you are not suited for, in which case the IB is based on 6 subjects you have more or less chosen.
  • If your interest doesn’t span 6 subjects which cover both science and humanities, there is the option of A Levels where the choice of subjects is entirely yours.
  • If you know deep down that academia in general is not for you, You need to have a serious conversation with your teachers and parents to see if there is a vocational option for you. Switzerland offers some of the best vocational training in the world for practically free, with promising careers at the end of it so don’t get fixed on just one route. Keep an open mind.

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