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Learn More: Difference between the Vaud and Geneva system

Learn More // Education // July 28, 2016

Every week, educational expert Sabine Hutcheson, from Learn More, takes parents and older children through some of the most common questions about education and schooling. Here she answers a question from a mother in Vaud. 

Learn More: Difference between the Vaud and Geneva system

For the full version of this Learn More segment, listen to the above audio.

What’s the difference between the Vaud and the Geneva system?

Vaud and Geneva are 2 practically independent states which, until recently, had little in common in terms of education systems. However, this is changing – Harmos system was designed to homogenize programmes, assessment and expectations. Although, the principle is the same - education leads to a Maturité diploma to go to university or a variety of vocational courses.

In both cantons, there is a streaming system at the start of secondary school which determines later access to academia. The streaming system in Vaud makes it harder to get into the higher of the 2 streams – while in Geneva there are 3 possible levels. The Maturité diploma in Vaud is obtained in 3 years against 4 in Geneva. However, there are too many little differences to sum up here in a minute so listen to the full segment for more.

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