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Turning creative projects into a commercial success

Mid Morning Mix // Community// Events// Art & Culture // Aug. 19, 2019

How do you make a creative project into a commercial success?

Lisa from Know-it-all Marketplace has many creative projects on the go at any one time. For the third time, she's organised a pop-up-shop and continues to grow the community of creators in Switzerland.

She has advice and tips for creators, wherever you are located, about turning creative projects such as jewellery making, clothing design, graphic design, candle-making or cookery, into a commercial success. 


Lisa from Know-it-all Marketplace explains that timing plays a big factor in what creative projects will sell best, what to look out for when looking at opening a store-front as well as the tricky business of pricing your goods. 

The Know-it-all Marketplace is a pop-up shop in Geneva. Located in the Paquis region, it's catching the eye of tourists and locals alike throughout the Summer. 

Find Lisa and her co-creators at 10, rue Alfred Vincent in Geneva. They also offer workshops to bring more people through the door. 

Open until 31st August 2019.





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