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Kill List Producer Andy Stark on making underground film

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment// Art & Culture // Oct. 14, 2019

Andy Stark is the producer behind 'Kill List' and 'Free Fire'. If you’re into your underground horror films, check out his IMDB page and use it as a tick list. 'The ABCs of Death' and 'The ABCs of Death 2'  look pretty nasty.

Andy Stark has been back and forward to LUFF for many years with films such as 'IFabric', 'A Field in England' and 'Aaaaaaaah!' and he says this is is his favourite film festival in the world!

This year he’s on the jury, but he says he's spent his career encouraging people not to listen to other peoples' opinions. 

Here's Film Producer and member of the 2019 LUFF jury, Andy Stark


The Lausanne Underground Film Festival takes place 16-20 October 2019. 


For more about the LUFF programme and highlights this year, we speak to Cinematic Artistic Director Julien Bodivit and Music Artistic Director Thibault Walter:




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